Training Diary

Hi there! 

Thanks for vising my training diary. This page has two purposes:

  1. To give you an outline of the training and ongoing professional development I’ve undertaken since 2013. Before my career-break, I worked in internal comms for one of the big banks, so I knew I had to learn some new stuff and get up-to-speed if I wanted to break into copywriting for small/medium businesses. This info will be helpful to you if you’re considering working with me and demonstrates my ongoing commitment to learning.

  2. If you’re a copywriter, a blogger or a small business owner interested in marketing and social media, you will find the info useful for your own professional development. 

I believe in life-long learning (for work and life) so I’ll be updating this page on a regular basis. 

Updated 6th October 2018: Please note, this page is a work-in-progress. I’ve listed the certifications I’ve undertaken. In future weeks, I’m going to add more content about the courses, cost and how user-friendly I found them. 

I’ll also be adding sections on useful podcasts, books and other free content (blogs etc) that I think you’ll find useful if you work in a similar role or want to market your own small business. So please, do come back soon!


2013/2014 The Complete Copywriter (Writer’s Bureau) correspondence course.

This was my introduction to copywriting. I knew that I needed to learn copywriting principles – being a good writer wouldn’t be enough to set up in business.

It’s a correspondence course and every assignment is marked by a tutor, who provides written feedback. If you’re a complete beginner or lacking in confidence, as I was back in 2013, it’s a great course for learning the principles of copywriting and setting up in business.

I think it’s fair to say that, in this rapidly changing digital world, you’ll need to know more than this course offers. Since taking the course, I’ve moved on to learning about social media, content and inbound marketing. But it’s a good start – I have no regrets about taking it.

2016 Breakthrough Copywriting (The Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy)

Andy Maslen is a well-known figure in the copywriting world. Before taking this course, I’d already bought several of his books and gained insight from his blogs. 

Breakthrough Copywriting is a video based course (although you can download all the course materials too).

2017 Inbound Marketing Certification (Hubspot Academy)


SEO for Beginners Certification (Hubspot Academy)


Hot Copy (hosted by Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver)

In my opinion, this is THE podcast for copywriters and aspiring copywriters. Kate and Belinda get straight down to the nitty gritty of copywriting, setting up and marketing your business, working practices, dealing with clients – everything. It’s fun to listen to and always delivers useful, practical advice you can take away and implement immediately.

Both hosts sell copywriting courses and resources (I’ve purchased a number of templates from Kate’s Clever Copywriting School to help me streamline my business). 



In no particular order:

Write to Sell (Andy Maslen)
Persuasive Copywriting (Andy Maslen)
Copywriting Made Simple (Tom Albrighton)
Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing (Mignon Fogarty)
The Art of the Click (Glenn Fisher)
The Economist Style Guide
Fowler’s Modern English Usage