Terms & Conditions

What I do

I write words for business. My primary services are website copywriting and blog content, however I have written guides, leaflets, brochures, letters, CVs, job advertisements and elevator pitches.

What I don’t do

I’m not a website developer or social media manager (although I can write social media captions if required). I don’t upload content to your CMS or do your admin.

How I work

I work at home in a dedicated, second-floor office (some would call it a spare bedroom but there’s no bed, unfortunately). My hours are 9.30 to 2.30 Monday to Friday. Most communication is via email, but I can speak to you on the phone (between 9 and 2) – by appointment.


I like to keep things simple, so my preferred pricing method is per-project. The beauty of this is that you know exactly how much you are paying from the outset. I don’t charge by the hour as the length of time it takes to write copy can vary hugely.

If you are a new client I will request 50% deposit before commencing work on your project and bill you for the remaining balance upon completion and sign-off.


Payment is by bank transfer to my business account. Payment terms are 14 days. I’m a registered sole trader and my business (MK Word Studio) is not VAT registered.

Changes and revisions

Once we have agreed on brief and pricing, I will carry out the required research to write your copy.

Once I’ve researched your business area and planned your copy, I will send you a brief outline/structure of what I plan to write for your comments – this saves time in the long-run as you have the opportunity to give feedback at an early stage. 

Once I receive the go ahead from you, I will write the first draft.  My price includes a free round of revisions and proofread). If you require more rounds of revisions, this may incur an additional charge.


Let’s call them timescales. Less ominous.

I will agree timescales with you before the project commences.

It’s important to me that I deliver on time. However, I can’t be held responsible for missed deadlines due to circumstances beyond my control such as family illness, floods, war and acts of god.  A degree of flexibility is required on both sides – if you’re unable to meet an agreed deadline, talk to me and we’ll agree a way forward.

Working hours/contact times

My official working hours are 9.30 to 2.30 Monday to Friday. I can speak with you on the phone, by appointment, between 10 and 2 and communicate via email between 9 and 5.


Once I have received full and final payment, copyright of the work I produce will automatically be assigned to you. You can then use the work however you wish.

I will take every precaution to ensure content avoids errors, omissions, misrepresentations and other inaccuracies; however the final responsibility for published material belongs with you, the client.

I cannot accept responsibility or liability of any kind for any loss or damage, whether material, financial, commercial or reputational, that you incur as a result of your choosing to publish materials that I’ve worked on.

MK Word Studio is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance with PolicyBee.  

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