Personal blog

Coming soon!

It’s the summer of 2018 and yet again it’s the summer hols. This means I am taking a well-earned break – ha ha. 

As you may know, I’m mum to two boys and my younger one has autism and learning difficulties. This means that during the summer hols I morph into parent/carer mode 24/7 – so I don’t look for, or take on, client work.  I’m serious about providing a high quality copywriting service, so I only take on paid assignments during term-time (my son goes to a special school just up the road, so I’m able to work during school hours).

This year, to keep the old brain active, I’m working on a personal blog where I can write all the stuff that I fancy writing. It definitely isn’t one of those fancy lifestyle blogs – as a 40 something mum with two kids and a labrador, I can’t pull that off.

But it is a creative outlet for me to keep on writing during the summer months and practice my photography skills.

At the end of the summer, I will decide whether I think it’s worth publishing in the public domain – watch this space.