Work for free? Don’t you dare!

By: Alison R Bowyer   Freelance Copywriter   If you’re a freelance creative, you’ve probably at some point been asked to work FOC (free of charge).  You’ve probably already seen blogs and videos poking fun at the concept of working for free, the point being that you wouldn’t expect to be given a free takeaway on the […]

My 2nd year in business. The pleasure, the pain…

  Last year, I wrote a blog about lessons I learned from my first year in business, including  the pitfalls of buying a puppy. I also talked about the danger of undervaluing your skills and the importance of trusting your own instinct. My second year has been no less of a learning curve. There have been many […]

Why it’s okay to turn work down

I recently wrote a blog about my first year in business. One of my tips was to trust your instincts and turn work down if it doesn’t feel right for you – even if you don’t know where the next job is coming from! Last week, I had to put that piece of advice into practice. […]

Practising what I preach – brand awareness

This week, I have been helping a local holistic therapist get to grips with her brand. The big question on her lips was how to get to the number 1 page on the big search engines.  On the verge of splashing out on a fancy designer for a new website, I suggested she take a […]