How to write as you speak

Why plain English and your own tone of voice are better than long words and jargon.

Six simple tips for starting your small biz blog

If you have a new business website, or you’re in the process of building one, you’ve probably already heard that it’s a good idea to add regular blog posts.

But what if you’ve never written a blog before, have no idea where to start or can’t think what to write about?

Don’t worry! I’ve put together six actionable tips that will help you to get started today.

It’s not a short read, so grab a coffee (or something stronger), get reading and start planning.

Your or you’re

Do you struggle to work out the difference between you and you’re?

Are you secretly worried that you’re using the wrong version and people are laughing at you?

Relax. Life’s too short to worry about grammar rules.

Here’s a simple explanation to get you up-to-speed and an easy-peasy method to work out whether you’re using the right version in your writing.

Stationery or stationary?

Bite-size writing tips for small business: Stationery or stationary? Who doesn’t find this one confusing? I’m always seeing it misspelt and I totally sympathise. It’s a tricky one. First of all, to clarify the meanings: Stationery = writing materials (such as paper, pens etc) Stationary = fixed in one place (for example, a stationary car) But […]

Yours sincerely or Yours faithfully?

Bite-size writing tips: How to sign-off letters and emails This was drummed into me about a hundred years’ ago and I’ve never forgotten it, but I know it causes lots of people angst when writing letters. So here’s the general rule of thumb Dear Sir/Madam = Yours faithfully Dear Sally/Mr Smith = Yours sincerely There is some […]

There, they’re and their…

Bite-size writing tips for small business: There, they’re and their… Why does the English Language have to be so complicated? There, they’re and their seem to be 3 words that confuse the hell out of most people. Are you one of them? There’s no shame in not knowing which one to use. A great way to […]