Dull, but necessary. Proofreading is important. Coffee might help. I recommend chocolate too.

By: Alison R Bowyer     Freelance Copywriter in Milton Keynes

Let’s talk about proofreading.

I’m sorry.

It is dull.

Like it or not, proofreading is important.

Even if you’re fantastic at what you do, your website and other marketing materials send out a big clue about how you run your business.

Taking care to publish clear, accurate written communications shows that you are serious about doing a good job.

It’s another way of building trust with your prospective clients.

To be honest, not everyone will notice if your website is full of spelling and punctuation errors. And some people won’t care.

But many will.

And that could affect their decision about whether to spend their money on you or your competitors.

It’s that simple.

The good news is that you don’t have to write as if you’re taking your English A Level. Copywriters break lots of grammar rules to create more of an impact.

But you do need to concentrate on the basics.

Check for obvious typos and punctuation mistakes.

Use a consistent layout and make sure that your paragraphs and sentences aren’t too long.

Look for duplicated or missing words (reading your copy out loud can help you to identify these).

Spellcheck has its place, but don’t rely on it to pick up every single mistake. It won’t necessarily pick up words  that are used in the wrong context.

Allow some time between writing your content and publishing it, so you can review it with fresh eyes.

If you can’t stretch to using a professional proofreader or copywriter, ask a colleague or geeky friend to help you out.

If you do notice a mistake after you’ve published your page, don’t beat yourself up about it.

There’s a huge difference between a sloppy piece of work littered with mistakes and a high quality, researched article where one typo has slipped through.

Just correct it quickly, forgive yourself and move on.

Until next time.


Alison is a Freelance Copywriter based in Milton Keynes. For more information about Alison, click here.

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